INTERNATIONAL WIRE’s braided flexible connections are designed from flat or round wire braids in fine (0.10mm – AWG 38) or standard diameters (0.20mm – AWG 32).

The connecting pads are produced bare copper tubing, with tin or silver plating.

The combinationof flat or round braids with fine or standard wire diameters offers the best technical compromise depending on the connection’s operating conditions.

This optimal technical solution ensures a maximum useful life and thus limits maintenance operations and costs.

Braid/tube contact resistance is improved thanks to braze welding (by request) which eliminates all risk of capillary absorption of water, thus preventing the spread of external corrosion to the connection.


All types of power distribution applications: Power supply for industrial ovens – electrolysis tanks.

Medium voltage electrical equipment (cabinets, circuit-breakers, inverters).

Transformers (connection between a transformer and a bus-duct) – Power distribution.

The range

  • Standardized sections: 60mm² to 2000 mm².
  • Wire diameters: 0.1 mm and 0.2 mm – 0.3 mm (AWG 30) optional.
  • Primary braid sections: 60 mm² to 250 mm².
  • Tube thickness of 2 mm.
  • Standard pad lengths: 50 mm to 120 mm.


Braid types and pad forming determined according to customer needs – easy installation.

Dip braze welding process – Reduced tube/braid contact resistance resulting in reduced heating of the connection.

The connection’s mechanical (i.e. flexibility) and electrical characteristics are guaranteed for increased service life.

Flaring of pads (tubes) on the braid side eliminating wire pinching and shearing phenomena related to electrodynamic effects.