Electrical Appliances

Standard and tailor-made solutions for conductivity and grounding.

A wide choice of standard products: our product families meet all needs such as elements for TGBT (general low voltage switchboard)

Specific components: we bring our know-how in design and production of components for low voltage electrical Equipment.


A know-how recognized by all in the design of connections. Our design department works since the begining in the electrical industry in partnership with our costumers.


  • Voltage drop
  • Overheating
  • Rapid temperature variation
  • Salt mist
  • Mechanical fatigue test
  • Vibration


The largest European product range, dedicated to electrical connections made with braids and strips.


Low Voltage General Board

Flexibility at the service of energy distribution.

• Insulated flexible bar
• PBFC power connections
• Ground braid

Circuit breakers and protective equipment

Reliability at the service of equipotential links.

• Extra-flexible round braids with 0.05 mm (AWG 44) and 0.07 mm (AWG 41) wire
• Compacted braids

Inverters and Energy Storage

The solution to heat dissipation.

• Insulated flexible busbar connections
• Braided power connections
• Bonding braids
• Flat and round braids
• Protective and EMI shielding sleeve